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I find your explanations educational as well as helpful, Erie because I know very little about surrealist art. Mar Rays image of a woman as instrument is a lovely analogy. The shower head a top the woman's shoulders, renders a sharp contrast of metal to the the soft vulnerability of a woman's form. It is a little unsettling to me and there is the impact of this art. Strangely for me, the image stirs thoughts of the progressive melding of technology into our being as humans. The camera lens focuses outwards to the world as well as within from the sacred view of you, the artist. It stirs things up and I catch myself off balance; so in this way I can see how surreal art wakes us. The last image and the thoughts of your daughter at a young and precious age, your desire to protect and offer her safety is a comforting image. There is a great deal of meaning that you have conveyed with your thoughts, images and the poetry.

You began by speaking of the surreal nature of the Trump administration and this seems apt as so many of us have been catapulted out of complacency and shaken into wakefulness and action. Our nation, communities and even within our own families; we find are polarized. This reflection also offers insight in regards to our conditioned response to situations based on our world lens. How quickly we can look, react and label or judge. Yet, any real communication occurs when we give our time and attention fully to listen and learn about another person's point of view and discovering their humanity along with our own. Only then do we have a chance of finding a commonality through loving presence.

I feel that I have only skimmed the surface and I thank you for the depth of your sharing.

Bobbye Terry

This is a very deep post, Erie. Here's my take. In times like we are now living, ones of chaos and human struggle, art, in any form transcends events and opinions, allowing it to convey a message without fear of reprisal. Because surrealist art, and surrealist poetry, leave the final product open to interpretation. The analytical mind is left to determine the meaning as it applies to the individual. So, no harm comes to the artist who is stating his agenda in an ambiguous manner. In the first piece that you display, "Le Violon d'Ingres," is the woman one with her violin, or is she the one who is being played? I know the second is your photo, but I love that one the most, because it turns the spotlight on the observer. My thoughts? Perhaps you were saying that many people have a duality, the side they show the world and the one they truly are inside--sanctimonious in daily life, while relating more on a carnal level inside. The poetry, as well, is left to speak to the individual reader. I find it delightfully quirky that the first piece starts with the wind rolling a cigarette, and at the end, the chimney smokes!

Very thought-provoking!

Bobbye Terry

I meant to add to my post, that this surrealistic art also reminds me of the connection to the divine. Consider the Bible passage from 1 Corinthians 13:12. I love the KJV. "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."

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