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Terry Chapman

Wow! I feel like I was just drenched in blue as I've never known it, though my favorite color has been blue since birth I believe. Blue, conjures up many water related themes and experiences in my past: once on a cold but clear morning, atop a mountain in PA, back in 1967, looking out over the scene, all of which was laid out in miniature at 8,000 feet altitude, under a sky mixed with blue and just a wisp of clouds here and there like some random icing a child might put on a beautiful cake. I took it all in until creature demands urged me on but just before I pushed my skis over the top crest,I took one last big look at the sky, took one last big breath, and down I traversed, wrapped up in a "blanket of sky" that literally took that breath away as I followed the path down to the mundane everyday things and events; but I was never quite the same thereafter!

Bobbye Terry

Fabulous, poem, Erie and it evokes clear images in one's mind. However, I found myself much more drawn to the photography. :) To me, the images stir a feeling of "reality permeating the American ideal." My favorite is the last one, which could be titled, "Wake up and smell the rose." :) Great piece, both regarding poetry and photography.

erie chapman

Thank you Terry & Bobbye. So grateful to both of you for reading and commenting.

~liz Wessel

I read Claire's poem once early this morning and again this evening. It seems to span a lifetime. I love how your poem begins, Claire and where you take us; your images so vividly powerful and life giving. I imagine that each time I read it I will find some new insight as there is lots to unpack in this treasure chest.

I find the same to be true with your photographs, Erie. The longer I look the more there is to see from the artist's creation,a balance of form, and contrasts of light and shadow. . Thanks for calling out the lines in Claire's poem related to 7th grade shame. This line holds a poignancy that is important to recognize, the cultural messages we receive in youth and how we may internalize them and carry this perhaps without even awareness at a cellular level... (my appreciation to you both.) You instead shine celebrate the sacredness and beauty of the female form.
Thanks for introducing us to Claire Bateman, Erie. Your study of the color red amid black and white images coupled with Claire's blue is beautifully created and even more remarkable together.

Hawi Moore

Wow This is real talent

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Sculpture amid duet - erie chapman, 2016
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