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A true love story, thank you, Erie.

Teresa Reynolds

I am so excited about this new journal! It's such an oasis from the anti-beauty of late in the media. LIfts our sights to love and relationship ; what's discovered there in the undomesticated union of the holy best offering on this Earth. Resonating with so much of what I've learned here. The photographs reflecting a relationship instead of a narrow truth.

"She was to outlive him by forty years (& in her later life was grateful for his immortalization of her beauty.) They never had children together. But, through their romance they created one of the most powerful artistic partnerships of the twentieth century. From that, they birthed pictures from heaven."

Todd Meador


Dulcie Witman

My breath and blood are thrumming form reading this piece and being with these photographs. I see them and hear their story differently than ever before. You have a gift of opening this door to some of us who want to see but have not developed the eye for it. You shed light, Erie. Thank you.

Anne Milligan

Erie, this is fabulous. I've always been enamored with their relationship and their works. Thank you!!

Bobbye Terry

I have been an O'Keeffe fan since college. I went to Randolph-Macon Woman's College, and they had an amazing art collection, including one of her works. This gives me an even greater fondness for her and a new appreciation for Stieglitz. It also goes to show that the right partners not only can warm the heart, but fire a lifelong passion in both partners.

Liz Wessel

In the sharing in such a profoundly loving way, the lives of these two souls we journey with you to a deeply personal and intimate space. I find the photos a metaphor for their relationship, the beauty of her nakedness without reservation speaks to us of love. Being without judgment; shedding all that would hold us back from truly loving someone. We are invited in to bear witness to something so precious and rare; their deep love for one another, perhaps as a declaration or rather a celebration of being passionately alive and in love.

erie chapman

Deep thanks to you, Bobbye, Teresa, Todd, Liz & Anne for your direct support of this new Journal. The more people that are reached by great art the more light flows.


Your reflection, the imagery, the poetry, the love story I had never heard of...all so beautiful. Thank you.

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