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Erie Chapman, M.T.S., J.D., is the author of the best selling Radical Loving Care (& 6 other books) & is recognized as the leader of the loving care movement in America. He is past President & CEO of three different hospital systems. He is founding president & was chief executive officer of Nashville's Baptist Healing Trust, (aka Healing Trust) from 2002 to 2010. He now serves as President & CEO of Erie Chapman Foundation & Chapman Health International.

He is founding Editor of the Journal of Sacred Work (June, 2006) and continues to serve as a hospital & healthcare consultant to leaders around the world.

Across his extraordinary career Mr. Chapman has served as a successful trial attorney, federal prosecuting attorney, night court judge, producer/host of an internationally syndicated television show (Life Choices with Erie Chapman), publisher of a healthcare magazine, newspaper columnist, radio talk show host. Often described as a "Renaissance Man" he is an ordained minister as well as a documentary & feature film producer, director & actor with Dane Dakota Productions. As an artist, he is a prize-winning photographer, published poet and music composer with published CDs Including "Blessed Baby." The Quiet Piano" & "Angel Hour" all available for download or via Amazon.

Reverend Chapman was ordained in October, 2009 and does a prison ministry to inmates on Tennessee's Death Row.

Mr. Chapman is a graduate of Northwestern University, Vanderbilt University Divinity School & George Washington University Law School.

The primary focus of Mr. Chapman's career, however, has been in the leadership of hospitals and healthcare organizations. Over a quarter century he served as President and CEO of Riverside Hospital in Toledo, Ohio (chosen at age 33) Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, the ten-hospital U.S. Health Corporation (now OhioHealth) in Columbus (founding president and CEO, 1983-1995); chief operating officer of the publicly traded InPhyNet Medical Management Co., Ft. Lauderdale; and Baptist Hospital System, Nashville where he served as President and CEO from 1998-2002.

Mr. Chapman is the author of the widely acclaimed books, Radical Loving Care - Building the New Healing Hospital in America (BHT, 2003), Sacred Work - Planting Cultures of Radical Loving Care (BHT, 2006) and The Caregiver Meditations - Reflections on Presence (BHT, 2007).

He is also the author of the children's book, Scotty the Snail (Grandparents Press 2004.) and a book of his poetry & photographs "Woman As Beauty."

One of his plays was produced under a pen name in 2008. This play has been made into an award winning feature film, "Who Loves Judas?" (2009)
He also produced, directed and starred in the feature movie "Alex Dreaming."(2012)

The following comments on Radical Loving Care, Sacred Work, and Mr. Chapman's leadership from well know leaders reflect the national reaction to his work:

"Splendid, poetic, and eminently practical. Erie Chapman is a beacon of light in American Health care."
- David Whyte, poet and best selling author of The Heart Aroused

"Chapman has written a book that should be in the hands of every healthcare executive who truly believes in the core mission of taking care of others. Anyone who leads a healthcare organization of any kind should read this book."
- Chuck Lauer, publisher, Modern Healthcare magazine.

"No one is doing more to affect the delivery of healthcare than is Erie Chapman."
-George Mikitarian, President & CEO, Parrish Medical Center of Florida

"Bravo to Erie Chapman for his astounding leadership and unparalleled assault on the status quo. His efforts will transform healthcare into something truly better for all Americans."
-Gerry Mayo, Founding Chair, OhioHealth Corporation.

"Erie Chapman created one of the most employee-friendly workplaces in America and [led] Riverside Methodist to be rated one of the top ten hospitals in the country."
-Forrest Sawyer, Host, ABC News Special National Broadcast, 'Revolution at Work.'

Mr. Chapman's music compositions are available on four separate CDs through the Two of his films, Sacred Work and The Servant's Heart are also available through the and through van grafton a

Erie and his wife, Kirsten, a prize-winning journalist and author of The Way Home and Home Again, live in Nashville. They have two children and three grandchildren.